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Benefits & Value

We are not your typical accounting firm. 

Yes, we offer the traditional services that you would expect from your CPA, but that is just the beginning at Haugen Binion & Co. CPAs.

Same old, same old

  • Your company is put into a BOX, not your own – all for the benefit of making the accountant’s job easier
  • You’re  offered the same cookie cutter services, with the same predictable and somewhat boring results  
  • You have to ASK the CPA for advice, not the other way around

AND, you get a sizable BILL for most every time you have a short conversation or better yet, even when the CPA makes a mistake and it has to be fixed

It’s TRUE!  We are CPAs with Personalities

  • We live in your BOX.  Our sole job is to make your job easier, not ours.
  • No cookie cutter services at our office.  Our work together is completely tailored to your NEEDS.

If you’re not hearing from US often, then we’re not doing our job effectively.

We HATE hourly billing.  It’s ineffective, unproductive and frankly too difficult to keep track of.

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Our Firm

Our firm takes a distinctly “real world” approach to providing you accounting, tax, and advisory services. Haugen Binion & Co. CPAs is a small business and operates very similar to your business. We wear the same “hats” as you. Your account is not a number to us, but real people making a living or running a small business.
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