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It’s not just a well prepared tax return, a detailed general ledger or a monthly financial statement along with suggestions for improvement; it’s YOUR desired outcome that means the world.


Some clients just want peace of mind that everything is right. 

Others want more than a report; they want an advocate on their side in running their business. 

And of course, everything else in between applies too. 

So you can see what we’re talking about, here is a list of outcomes directly from our clients:

  • If I wake up at night, I don’t have to worry about if things are done as there supposed to.
  • I want to know what I don’t and should know.
  • I can’t trust my business partner; I need to have him gone. 
  • But how or who can I trust to help?
  • What would your outcome be? 

Let’s talk about it right away.

Our Firm

Our firm takes a distinctly “real world” approach to providing you accounting, tax, and advisory services. Haugen Binion & Co. CPAs is a small business and operates very similar to your business. We wear the same “hats” as you. Your account is not a number to us, but real people making a living or running a small business.
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