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Choose Our Involvement


Our involvement is completely up to you. 

That’s right, you choose. 

Of course we’ll make some suggestions, but in the end we’ll agree on what’s best.

Here’s how we suggest to begin – by answering  a few questions:

  • Would you like to never worry about an hourly bill again?
  • Would you prefer paying as you go or pay for what you need?
  • How about working within a fixed price agreement, with no surprises?


I bet you’d agree that having a list of services provided, at a monthly fixed price, with no limit on how many times you meet, call or email would simplify things, wouldn’t it?

From our perspective, the BEST value would be to choose a fixed price agreement.

No more worrying about how much the next bill will be.

You can just ASK, ASK, ASK, and ASK without the bill getting higher.

We encourage you to take advantage of us – because you will ask more questions.

More questions leads to more understanding and more success!

ASK and receive advice without the consequences

That’s just our opinion.

The choice is up to you how you want us to be involved.

Call today so we can get started.

Our Firm

Our firm takes a distinctly “real world” approach to providing you accounting, tax, and advisory services. Haugen Binion & Co. CPAs is a small business and operates very similar to your business. We wear the same “hats” as you. Your account is not a number to us, but real people making a living or running a small business.
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